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"Grilled Calamari & Shrimp glazed in the pineapple jalapeno sauce....thanks Moe"
"Maurice, got me lickin all my fingers over here...Sauce is really good!!"
"I have to admit, I knew the sauce was flexible, but y'all are taking it to new levels with the creativity."
"Maurice, I must say thank you for the pineapple jalapeño sauce. It was so delish on these beef ribs. I will be getting more sauce soon."
"This Pineapple Jalapeno Sauce is awesome!! If you love spicy/tasty sauces...this is a must have in your kitchen !! Thanks Moe"

"I have to admit Mugger's Marrow is amazing, mouthwatering and makes you wanna come back for more. I'll definitely be using this on a lot of dishes."

John B.
"I served Mugger's to my guest on some grilled chicken and they couldn't get enough. It makes such a difference and adds so much flavor to my meals"
"Fresh salmon marinated in the Mugger's Marrow!! My wife put it down!! You have to purchase Mugger's Marrow!! Incredible flavor!"
"When you get sauce delivered to your job you just have to put it to use RIGHT AWAY!Mugger's Marrow, LLC on this salmon ....the weekend is looking GREAT!"

"By far the best sauce I've ever had!"

"Let me tell you all...this man is about his business with these wings!!! The first bite...was this charcoaly (is that a word) smokey goodness... not overpowering at all...a perfect barbecue flavor, then this sweet stickiness with the perfect tonsil tingling hint of heat! I'm a true fan and will definitely order again!"

"Yup, I did that!! Thanks to Maurice Jenkins for the sauces, hit him up!!"

"Received our shipment of Mugger's Marrow today over here in the Midwest (the Chi!) and coated it on top of baked chicken- no napkins needed, as not a drop will go to waste! Love it!"

"I hate spending money on eating out all willy-nilly especially when I know how to cook. Just whipped up a quick healthy lunch for my busy day today using Muggers Marrow Pineapple Jalapeño sauce on my Steak. I already tried it in chicken and love it"

"I had some for the first time today. I put some on my baked chicken and it was excellent! Can't describe the taste because it doesn't taste like anything I've ever had before. I'll be trying it on all my meats and I can't wait mix it with some rice."

"I had the opportunity to have Mugger's sauce. The mild clementine style over my baked crispy chicken. Which was excellent. This is a very good sauce. Thank you again! I will be back for the spicy one next!"

"I'm so glad I was the inspiration behind the spicy pineapple sauce. The fact that it's so delicious without any artificial ingredients is a plus. I'm very proud of you. The sauce was the talk of the town with my seafood and baby back ribs entree."

"I tried the pineapple jalapeño using shrimp. It was delicious. It's nice and spicy, which i love!"

"This sauce is absolutely amazing. It has depth & tons of awesome flavor! There is something very special about a sauce that explodes in your mouth. I can see this on grilled fish and my famous oxtails..I'll be back for more! Thanks Maurice! Kudos to you!"

"Pineapple jalapeno marinated chicken breast thanks for the marinade MOE sweet and spicy I think I taste a little Curry"

"This sauce was the best I've ever had!..My son is a picky eater but when he taste my chicken with this sauce he was Absolutely Pleased!"