The Passion


Maurice’s affinity for cooking started as a boy where he was usually up and out of bed before his parents and siblings on Saturday mornings.  After weeks of carefully watching his elders operate in the kitchen, he got the gumption to make his first batch of pancakes.  An enthusiast was born and continued to blossom along with his creativity; arbitrarily adding flavors to what would become Saturday staples.  The aforementioned pancakes in the morning and broiled beef burgers in the evening.


His fascination with flavors stayed with him throughout his high school and college years.  In high school studying chemistry, the one remark a teacher made that resonated with Maurice was, “Chemists make GREAT cooks”.  While attending one of the predominant universities for culinary arts, Maurice would often find himself exchanging banter with culinary students as he pursued his degree in Business management.


It was as an adult that Maurice developed his passion for grilling.  On many occasions, Maurice would attend a social function with the intention of relaxing and mingling.  However, not too long after arriving, “Big Moe” is manning the grill with no complaints from either the host or other guests.

The Sauce 


As an avid griller, Maurice would naturally develop an interest in barbeque sauce.  He would start with taking your standard sauce from a supermarket shelf and added his own variation of herbs and spices to further enhance the flavor.  As years passed, Maurice would educate himself on the ingredients that typical sauces and marinades contained and became extremely concerned about the adverse effects of many of these ingredients not only on himself, but also the people he enjoyed feeding.


The wheels of the old high school chemistry major would once again spin.  Through extensive trial and error, Maurice was successful in using agave nectar, garlic and fruit as a base to develop his own signature sauce that is sweet, savory and with a little bit of a kick.


One afternoon, Maurice was invited to attend a party at a colleague’s house.  He was asked to bring one of his signature meats, smoked baby back ribs.  There was one variation of the sauce that was well received by guests at a prior function.  However, the fruit that he used previously was out of season.  In an attempt to showcase the flexibility of his formula, Maurice decided to prepare his sauce with the use of a completely different fruit for the first time.  The response from those who ate the ribs was nothing short of resounding amazement and satisfaction; as their palates were introduced to a new breed of condiment.



As a moderately athletically inclined youth, Maurice grew up in Brooklyn with a myriad of friends who liked to engage in tackle football during the colder months. On Saturdays, after his morning ritual of pancakes, Maurice and his pals would head out to an open field of grass in Prospect Park for a game.  Many of the boys had football pants and jerseys of their favorite player.  Maurice did not.  His garb of “choice” was an old pair of blue jeans, a blue knit sweater and a matching knit hat.


As moderate athleticism goes, Maurice was far from the tallest, or fastest, or strongest of the bunch. But on this one afternoon, Maurice made what was viewed by many as an improbable tackle on a kid who was extremely fast.  As Maurice rises to his feet, somewhat amazed at his accomplishment, one of the boys exclaims, “It was like he mugged him!!!”  Another boy follows with, “Yeah, and he looks like a mugger too!!!”  The moniker is still frequently used among his old cronies.